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      Scritto da IIIB -VB (PNI)  19/04/2011
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    • On November 30th 2010 we went to the theatre “Vasquez” of Siracusa, there was the show “The Beatles”-Musical. It was very interesting because we have had the possibility to know the true story of Beatles. This spectacle was involving and enthusiastic, because it was very realistic for the Beatles’ videos that were projected.However there are some negative aspects for example: the poor scenography and in this way we couldn’t enjoy the spectacle, but another negative aspect is that the actors played in a way not adequate to the linguistic competences of younger public. Notwithstanding it the show was a fantastic experience and we hope to have the opportunity to see other english plays in the future and improve our English language.
      The students of III A PNI
    • An interesting experience for the knowledge of the story of this great group that influenced the Rock ‘n’ Roll movement. The reproduction of the songs was well made and enthusiastic. In our opinion it’s difficult to find artists who can sing, dance, play music and act well, even if the performance of the figure of John Lennon was better in singing than in acting.
      Di Tomasi Giulia, Dinatale Giuliana, Iacono Giuseppe, Zocco Fabrizio - VB PNI
    • This year ,like every year, we went to the English theatre to see a musical about Beatles from the point of view of John Lennon. Music was played live and we could sing with the actors. An amazing experience!!!
      Bruno Erica, Agnello Gianluca, Tommasi Corrado, Cataldi Mariachiara, Maccarrone Simone - VB PNI
    • It was a very great experience because the public was involved by the actors of musical for singing.
      Rabito Flavia, Nicastro Salvatore, Avolese Mariachiara, Blanco Carola, Rabito Maira - VB PNI
    • On November 30th 2010 , we went to Siracusa to see the musical of Beatles. It was a great experience and especially useful to improve our English language (singing songs with the actors and listening their dialogues) and to know the world of music and particularly the Rock 'n' and Roll. The actors acted, sang, danced and played a musical instrument very well, but sometimes someone spoke too fast and we didn’t understand anything perhaps we should dedicate ourselves to study English more.
      Sgandurra Micòl, Selvaggio Rossella, Novello Josephine, Rabito Elisa - VB PNI

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