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      Ideato dalla Prof.ssa Roccaro Giuseppina  08/05/2012
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    Why writing poems?

    We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race… And the human race is full of passion. Medicine, law, economics, engineering are noble professions, necessary to our sustenance. But poetry, beauty, romance and love keep us alive.
    In fact when we read a poem, everything is transformed into emotions. The poet, through his lines, transmits various feelings: love , passion, affection, pain, fear, hate, peace and solitude to the reader.
    Through the poem, he finds a way to escape reality and takes refuge in his imagination, giving voice to his fantasies.

    My only thought

    You love me, so I’m fond of your nice face
    I think of you all the time and all  night
    When I see you I feel your grace
    There is a special  magic light

    The night will cry, because now I have
    The most beautiful star of the sky
    Also Venus, may you’re born by a wave
    If I miss you I’ll always cry

    When you’re not with me you’re my only thought
    And when you are with me I’m out of mind
    My love is a thing that you haven’t bought
    Your soul is the gold that  will ever find

    When you’re with me I don’t think at the rest
    My love’s scream is in the north, south, east, and west.

    Written by: Campisi S., Di Rosa M., Passarello S., Petralito R., Sipione S. 
    IV A PNI

    Passion and pain.

    I want to find your eyes in my way
    Like a magic and fair queen, please come on
    I need you for tonight and you should stay
    Near to me here, don’t leave me alone.

    I’m involved from a great fire storm
    And here I’m searching your fragile heart
    But I’m linked to my frights, my warm!
    And I’m trembling in this lonely heart

    Every time we touch I feel a feeling
    Such as a spark that kindles a shy flame
    And the soft voice of the moon is singing
    And reminds  me the weight of my blame.

    Please don’t forget these words, ‘cause I always
    Remember you, during my days.

    Written by: Arangio M., Cataldi M.,  Garrano M., Lao M.T., Runza C.
    IV B PNI

    Taunt the king!

    Once upon a time there was a rude king
    An ugly man who loved lots of new clothes
    He although had a dress for every thing
    Nothing imported except his news clothes
    And yet he didn’t find satisfaction
    The tailor was really despaired
    And he gave to the king a new invention
    A dress, the colour and form varied
    But it revealed who he was really
    And the new dress became invisible
    Only for people stupid and silly
    So the body of the king was horrible
    For this reason people taunted the king
    For the shame he escaped with all things.
    Written by: Bordieri S., Calleri P., Cicciarella V.,Coppa M. , Dipietro D., Pannuzzo L.
    IV A PNI.

    Twin souls

    This is a story about me and you
    A feeling without time, one great love
    Infinity and free and true, like few.
    We are twin souls that share the same love.
    Stop breathing if I don’t see you anymore
    I like feeling each move and sign you make
    When I see you I am full of love more
    A great love that I can not forsake.
    You are a very amazing person
    And without you I don’t know where I’d be
    Have in my life a very person
    Completes and finds part of me.
    You made me fly like a butterfly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky

    Written by: Burgaretta M.C., Cinnirella G., Scrofano,S. , Sudano G.
    IV B PNI

    Love at midnight

    Do you remember the diffused light
    Which far stars spread in your beautiful eyes?
    I remember the smell of midnight
    And your deep silence in the first time.
    You discovered me and drew from darkness.
    And now you can draw the love in my heart.
    Since I’ve met you, I’ve seen the happiness.
    Since I’ve met you, I’ve lived out of this earth.
    Please, you take me to  infinity.
    Tell me another word for explaining
    What thinks this beautiful eternity,
    We are like a gust of wind passing,  fleeing.
    Because you won’t remain forever young,
    I can only tell this story which I had sung.
     Written by: Segnalatore S., Bongiovanni A., Minardi C., Mallia G. , Dugo V. 

    IV A PNI

    Sweet friends

    Your friendship signifies so much for me
    And you lift me up when I am down.
    Through my pain it is clear to see
    That you diffuse sweetness all around.
    You can lift me up when I’m down,
    With comfortable words dry my tears,
    You render me happy when I frown,
    Our friendship will continue many years.
    Your friendship gives me a  feeling
    When we meet my heart is full of love
    And only you know what it is meaning,
    Our friendship flies away like a dove.
    I really thank the god on bended knee:
    Your friendship signifies so much for me.

    Written by: Campisi A., Campisi E., Carbonaro F., Sultana C.
    IV B PNI

    The sense of life

    When we talk about our feelings and thoughts,
    When we love delight and pain together
    When we share loves, passions, acts and clothes,
    We share all parts of our life forever.
    The life is beautiful, but solitude
    Destroys it. Have you with Him to moon gone?
    He helps you, he has the same attitude,
    He is a fantastic brother well done!
    Close friends live forever in your heart,
    Other friends find you for their interest.
    And after there are friends who met on earth
    And who give us hot like the sun from the east.
    If you want to find a sense for this life,
    Understand that friend is better than wife.

    Written by: AvarinoF., Baglieri A., Lentinello C. ,SultanaA.
    IV A PNI.

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